Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Your Summer Checklist

It’s natural to want to escape in the summer.  Kids are out of school.  Work is (sometimes!) a little slower.  Days are longer.  All these things conspire to create a need to GO, to get away for a while.  Many of us have our go-to vacation spots…Colorado mountains, Lake of the Ozarks, weekend getaways to St. Louis or KC.  Escapes are good.  They give us a little recharge and make us ready and willing and able to come back to this place we love and dig in again.

The flip side of vacationitis is that we can so easily overlook the little outings available right in our own backyard.  Admittedly, I should have started this little checklist discussion EARLIER in the summer when there was more time to take advantage of some of these opportunities…but for those of you with short people heading back to school next week, maybe this weekend can be one last hurrah of awesome.  How many of these can you get done before summer’s end?  Ready, Set, GO!!!

    • Ice Cream! Grab a treat from the Dairy Diner in Fairfax.
    • Too hot to play outside? Head to one of the three library branches for FREE DVDs/books/magazines and camp out in your living room!
    • Play a round at Rock Port Country Club or Tarkio Golf Club
    • Head out to Charity Lake for a walk or some fishing
    • Cool off with some inside fun at River Rock Lanes
    • Don’t turn on your oven - take your girl or guy or kiddos out for a burger at Black Iron Grill or Mule Barn Café
    • Check out the shiny new tennis courts in Tarkio
    • Hit the pool in Tarkio or Rock Port
    • Hide inside with some dessert from the Daybreak Café or Rock Port Café or KJ’s
    • Slide, swing or play at any of our lovely city parks; if you’re in Tarkio, pick up some fried chicken from Torrey Pines and make a picnic out of it

    What’s on your list?  What have I missed???


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