Saturday, April 14, 2012

Heaven Can the meantime, there's Tarkio!

Up this week is Casey Martin - high school teacher, drama enthusiast, Tiger and Indian alum, and patient resident in a house full of gorgeous girls. For those of you who are fans (and if you aren't, you should be!), the next THS play is coming up next weekend. (Thanks to Megan McAdams for letting me steal a pic from West Side Story, one of Casey's recent productions, for this post! :) ~MMB

Hello, My name is Casey Martin and I am proud to say that I am a life-long resident of Tarkio. Now I didn’t always plan to be, but sometimes things turn out for the best. Yes, there are lots of things that I could be doing and a lot of places I could be living, but I have never regretted the life that my amazing wife Jackie and I have chosen. Tarkio is my home. It has been a great place to raise our little sorority house consisting of my three beautiful daughters, Grace(11), Sophia (8), and Claire (6).

I went to the University of Missouri in 1990 after high school graduation and enjoyed my time at Mizzou greatly. When I graduated from Mizzou I was offered a chance to work at Tarkio Academy on the old campus of Tarkio College. I needed a job and was soon to marry Jackie. Jackie is an RN and can easily find work anywhere in the country, but she agreed to come home with me and work at Fairfax Community Hospital and this is where we plan to stay. After two years at the Academy the opportunity to work at my alma mater—THS fell into my lap and the rest is history.

Our families live here and we feel connected to the community on a deep level. When you work in a small town high school or the community hospital you get to know everyone, or at least they know you. In my time at THS I have coached HS girls basketball (State Champs 32-0 in ’99), Head Boys basketball for 7 years, 6 years of junior high football, sponsored two classes, put together 5 yearbooks, announce football and basketball games, clerk for the track meets, read for Brain Bowl meets, coach 5 grade girls basketball, am currently National Honor Society sponsor, teach 7 preps a day, help keep a house with a wife,3 daughters and dog that keep me more than busy with all their activities, attend St. John’s Lutheran Church…and that is off the top of my head.

The project that I am most passionate about is the school plays & musicals. I am currently directing my 18th play at THS next weekend---Heaven Can Wait (April 21 at 7 & April 22 at 1---check it out) I do a musical in the fall with Brad Mathers and Melody Barnett and a drama in the spring on my own. This is something I have always loved to do and the kids I have worked with the last 10 years have gained a better perspective in all that they can become. Jackie and I are truly blessed to live in a community where we can be so involved and feel so loved and appreciated, and we try to give that same energy right back to the community. Thank you Tarkio, I don’t know what we would be without you.

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